Metro and WinRT Webinar on February 2nd

Are you a Silverlight / WPF developer? Want to start developing for Windows 8 as well?  If that’s the case, this upcoming SilverlightShow webinar is guaranteed to give you a jump start. The webinar will teach you how to use your Silverlight / WPF experience to build amazing Windows 8 apps by presenting the similarities between Silverlight / WPF and XAML based Metro apps. This will be done by looking at a working Metro app containing most of the things you were used to in Silverlight / WPF.

Also, as usual, SilverlightShow is giving away 6 eBooks:

Good luck!

Presenter: Gill Cleer
Webinar registration page: Metro and WinRT for the Silverlight/WPF Developer
More details about the webinar: SilverlightShow

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Agreed, I first saw this and thought oooh a deovelper reference for Silverlight, I’ll print that and put it on my wall I then scanned over the PNG and saved the ink.I think a poster identifying the object and event models and maybe the boundaries between Silverlight and WPF would be useful, not some marketing hype.

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