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Changing the Cordova version used by Hybrid Apps in Visual Studio 2013

Updating the Cordova version requires you to edit the platforms.js file found in:


You can change the version individually for each platform, tho I suggest you use the same version for all.
Also, it might be the case you’re looking to update only because of the Google Play warning regarding the high severity cross-application scripting (XAS) vulnerability found in Cordova 3.5.0. If so here you have the file updated to point to version 3.5.1 which fixes the mentioned vulnerability: platforms.js.

Note: In case you are using CTP 1 of the Hybrid Apps the path will be different:

AdMob crashing Windows Phone apps. What is the alternative?

Not long ago I’ve published my first app using the devcenter developer account and not the global publisher – and just a couple of days later (or should I say weeks) I started noticing crash reports for my app.  Downloaded the stack trace data in hope that I could find out where the issue was but no luck – it gave me almost no info about the cause. All I know is that it has something to do with the browser.

8bit Google Maps for NES

Google has long neglected one of the most popular and best sold devices ever – but all that ignorance ends today as Google releases their first NES product: Google Maps 8bit for NES.

The product has all of the features you got used to on the desktop version, including the street view:

  • search for a street or place
  • directions from one place or another
  • voice search
  • street view
  • and the ability to save routes and locations

All this is made possible by Google’s cloud which is converting

For a quick trial head over to http://maps.google.com/ and click on the quest button at the top-right of the screen. Or watch the video above.