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Metro TimeBlock

Metro TimeBlock is a time display control that I’ve made which should allow you to display time in any color and with any background you want. Size is also adjustable and you can choose to display either the current time or a time of your own.

Metro TimeBlock

Properties of the control:

Time – takes in any DateTime object. The control will display the Time you provide within that DateTime object. Leave blank if you want to display the current time.

Spacer – this is the string to display between the hours and minutes and between the minutes and seconds. Use spacers like “:” or ” “.

Size – you can choose from Small, Normal, Medium, MediumLarge, Large, ExtraLarge, ExtraExtraLarge and Huge. Chose to do this instead of allowing FontSize because this way I can also control the way the background blocks look.

Foreground – tells the control what color to use to display the time.

Fill – sets the background color of the control (the square-like blocks).

That’s about it. If you got any problems with it / need help, leave a comment below. The download link is also below and it contains both the control and a couple of samples.

Download for Windows Phone

Metro and WinRT Webinar on February 2nd

Are you a Silverlight / WPF developer? Want to start developing for Windows 8 as well?  If that’s the case, this upcoming SilverlightShow webinar is guaranteed to give you a jump start. The webinar will teach you how to use your Silverlight / WPF experience to build amazing Windows 8 apps by presenting the similarities between Silverlight / WPF and XAML based Metro apps. This will be done by looking at a working Metro app containing most of the things you were used to in Silverlight / WPF.

Also, as usual, SilverlightShow is giving away 6 eBooks:

Good luck!

Presenter: Gill Cleer
Webinar registration page: Metro and WinRT for the Silverlight/WPF Developer
More details about the webinar: SilverlightShow

Windows 8 Demo from CES 2012

  • January 15, 2012
  • CES, Metro, ...

This is the demo Microsoft made at CES this year demonstrating some of the new features of the upcoming Windows 8. One of the features that caught my attention was the Windows Store which they say it will open in late February. A new build of Windows 8 is also said to come in late February.

Also, in the video there’s a small presentation of a HTML5 app called Cut the Rope – really nice app in my opinion. Can’t wait to try it out myself.

31 Days of Windows Phone Metro Design

Those of you wanting to learn more about metro design and how to make your apps look as metro-ish as possible should know that a new series of articles called “31 Days of Windows Phone Metro Design” has just started.

The first article in the series (about the metro design principles) is already up. A link to the post and to all the upcoming ones can be found here.

Articles will pop up once a week, maybe twice so be sure to check them out.